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Jyotish Astrology Session
2 hours
$240 (us)

Astrology sessions include planetary birth chart information and expanded information about what you are here to transcend in this lifetime.

We will also identify your physical path as well as your spiritual path and how to balance them through your experience you are having right now. 


Birth path Astrology sessions are available once a year and follow up sessions are available as needed as the planets shift throughout the year.

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Jyotish Astrology Follow up Session
1 hour

Follow up sessions include current birth chart information as well as guidance. 

This is a 1 hour session to talk about where you are at in your life path and create balance through choices and experiences you choose as you begin to shift in consciousness.


Follow up sessions are available for 1 year after your yearly astrology session!


On or around your birthday each year the planets realign in your chart and a New yearly reading is needed.

2 hours

We will take a deep dive into your body, mind, and soul identifying your dosha's and any imbalances you have at this time.


We will create a lifestyle plan for you that supports your self healing process.

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Follow up
2 hours
$240 (us)

Ayurvedic follow up sessions support you with tools and information to assist you in the changes you are making in your life at this time to create balance in your physical and emotional experiences. 

Ayurveda and Jyotish Astrology
3-6 hours

During this session we will identify your physical and spiritual path, what you are ascending to become and transcend in this life.

Self realization of physical and spiritual path and how you can bridge them through your experiences now.

We will also go over your life path to understand where you came from and where you are going.

Herbal Medicine

Guided Session Bundle
3 Sessions

This bundle includes one scheduled Ayurveda and Jyotish astrology session along with two follow up sessions to support you throughout the year as you bridge the gap between your physical and spiritual path.


These sessions will support you in your shift in consciousness and into remembering who you are.

Please fill out the form below prior to scheduling your session as this information is necessary for charting. A few things to note going into your session to help you be better prepared.

Depending on your session type, your session time can range from 2-6 hours. During this time there is no outside communication allowed, so please plan accordingly. Also, keep in mind every session is different and is specifically charted for your personal birth path. Sessions are currently only available online via Zoom and in-person by request.

All information is kept confidential and is only used for it's intended purpose for your chart. 

Your exact birth time is located on your birth certificate. If you do not have access to your birth time, please email as it is a requirement for charting. Charting may be possible without birth time on a case by case bases and for an additional charge. 

After submitting your form, please allow 48-72 hours for email response for scheduling.

I am looking forward to our session to give you the wisdom of who you are!! Light of love ✨ 

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