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All of my life I have known there was something more to who we are. I have always had a desire to understand where we came from, why we are here and the purpose for life. This desire came from my personal experiences that are the root of my passion to learn and grow from all that is available to me in my life. 

My life's path has taken me to learn how to heal myself mind, body and soul and what I have found is that it is an infinite journey. For the last 11 years I have spent my life healing myself through the studies of Uishi Reiki, Ayurveda (science of life), Jyotish astrology(science of light) and many of their sister sciences, sound healing, yoga, meditation and pranayama and I continue to grow and expand my studies to learn more about who I am and the world around me.

I am also growing and passionate about sharing this ancient wisdom with others to awaken to the healing vibration within ourselves.

My purpose with Soul Essence is to provide guidance and tools to those who are seeking healing from within. I offer a variety of sessions and many other resources to guide you back home to your true soul essence.