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      Welcome to Soulessence my name is Annie and I have found a love for studying ancient wisdom! I have always had a curiosity for who we are and the purpose for our existence. My life's path led me to studying Usui Reiki, Ayurveda (science of life), and Jyotish Astrology (science of light).  From there, I expanded my studies into other sister Sciences, Yoga, Pranayama, Vastu, Palmistry, Numerology, Sanskrit, Sacred Geometry, Astronomy, Archaeology, Physics, and Epigenetics .  


Ayurveda is a conscious based understanding of health and healing. Together, with its sister sciences, I was able to create a path for healing, as I integrated the teachings and tools into my life.


I now dedicated my life to the infinite study of these teachings and ancient wisdom from all over the world. I focused my Ayurvedic studies on the Budha vidya (Ayurvedic Psychology and psychiatry) to understand more about the pathway of Disease and Mental Health. Budah vidya is the wisdom of mind, body, and soul connection. 


Jyotish Astrology expanded my knowledge about the interconnection of the universe and myself. In ancient Jyotish teachings, Astrology and Astronomy were taught as one subject. Jyotish is the teaching of how everything in the universe is interconnected.  

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